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I'm proud to be a geek. What makes me tick?

As far back as I can remember I've found myself excited by technologies that increase connectivity, enrich interactions amongst people, and open up new possibilities. It's a beautiful thing when devices, data and people work together in harmony to make processes, communications and lives more efficient. Digital technologies are tools through which we interact with our world, and I enjoy reflecting on how we co-exist as humans when devices become integral within our lives.

While I love tinkering with technology and find it exciting to get caught up in the always-on lifestyle of today, I also struggle with being constantly wired into the matrix and can’t help but wonder what its lasting effects will be on our society. Look around and you’ll see why I’m concerned that when people become removed from the world around them, they cease to experience the amazingness that life contains.

I’m fascinated by finding ways to frequently disconnect and live presently in the moment, while continuing to be the geek I am and enjoy everything internet-enabled technology has to offer. It may be a bit of a juxtaposition, but such is life. As a way to keep myself in check and craft the life that makes me happy, I consciously choose to balance myself by pursuing a life infused with mindfulness, awareness and gratitude.

Occasionally I'll write about what goes through my mind, which you're encouraged to explore in your free time. I'm always seeking to connect with curious people, so please feel free to drop me a line anytime.