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Hi, I’m Mike!



I help cultivate the conditions for people, teams, and organizations to thrive.

Currently that means working with leaders to bring more joy, creativity, and humanity into work environments — however, my biggest thrill is in helping people envision their ideal futures and build the confidence necessary to start forging their path towards realizing those visions.

As an independent professional I’m always looking for new and exciting opportunities for meaningful work, so please reach out to me anytime if you think I might be able to help you.

Select examples of past projects

Provide a deep understanding of human experiences within our complex healthcare system

Facilitate strategy development and leadership alignment for a high-growth field sales team

Coach a leadership team to align around long-term vision and strategy for their civic tech company

Define product roadmap and align leadership team of an entertainment company building new tech

Craft brand positioning and messaging and create sales collateral for an emerging tech company

In search of a little guidance?

I specialize in helping people think differently, build momentum, and progress towards their goals.

It’d be my pleasure to learn about you while exploring how I might be able to help. The best starting point is a 25-minute exploratory video chat, which you can schedule right here:

Let’s find time!